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Committed for a greener safe future

Who we are?

The Veg Box is a company engaged in agricultural-related activities such as crop farming, livestock farming, agricultural commodity trading, and job contracting. We are headquartered in Vacoas and have three other productions units across the island, in Nouvelle Découverte, Henrietta, and La Marie.

We use sustainable farming to produce a number of vegetables and livestock products such as Tomato, Maize, Cabbages, Green Beans, Cauliflowers, Potatoes, Cassava, milk and meat, among others. We also offer vegetables delivery services across Mauritius. Customers can place their order via our website, pay directly via contactless payments, and we will deliver your vegetables and fruits to your doorsteps.

Our experienced and dedicated workers work tirelessly to ensure sustainable production throughout the year. The Veg Box's mission is to provide customers with the highest quality of nutritious and bio vegetables, fruits and livestock products in Mauritius while actively promoting bio farming in the country and across the world.

The Veg Box Team

Our core values


Agriculture is a people’s business. The Veg Box aims to bring together small farmers of the island to share their resources and knowledge and help the local agriculture industry to flourish. Therefore, we heartily encourage collaboration, volunteerism, and mentoring among farmers in Mauritius.


The Veg Box focuses on benefiting the whole community. The goal is to establish a stable market for high-quality agricultural goods at affordable prices, satisfying both consumers and small-scale farmers across the island.

Training & Development

Agriculture is a constantly evolving industry, and we need to be ready to face its challenges. The goal is to foster agricultural education and training for both the existing and new farmers across the island and develop new sustainable farming techniques.

Combating Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic brought attention to the issue of food scarcity in numerous countries across the world. This made Mauritians realize that they can rely less on imports and instead turn to local farmers for their food. While our top objective is to consolidate the foundations of tomorrow’s agriculture, another one has been added to our list: Make sure that everyone across the country has easy access to fresh and healthy vegetables while ensuring all health precautionary measures are respected.

At The Veg Box, we are fully aware of the risks of food deliveries that pose to food businesses. Therefore, we ensure that each of us across our production line takes precautionary steps to avoid the spread of the virus. Our priority is to protect the well-being of our employees and clients, which is made possible through contactless payment and delivery and by strictly adhering to the food delivery guidelines established by the World Health Organization.

Why choose us?

Our products are of the highest quality.

Modern Farm

We make use of modern farming technologies and techniques to ensure high quality produce.

Always Fresh

We conform to our principles, which is always supplying our customers with the freshest produce possible.

100% Natural

We stick to a 100% chemical free farming practice which results into better quality produce with high nutritive values.

Sustainable Farming

We use and promote sustainable farming practices to protect the land and ensure a better future for coming generations.

We have the right box for you!

Regardless of your budget, whether you are cooking for one or for a whole family, if you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have the right box for you.

The Veg Box has several boxes, each with different types and quantities of vegetables and at different price range.

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Other services

The Veg Box also offers job contracting services.

Job Contracting Services

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